Small Eurocompany for Windows 10


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Small Eurocompany is for businesses with trade and service sectors that are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable solution to streamline their work. The basis of the program is the module "Sales". You can expand the application of new modules supporting receipts and disbursements. SprzedażyModuł service enables efficient handling of the sale of goods and services. Also performs all operations related, such as records of the purchase, storage, settlements with customers and suppliers, documents, cash and bank statements, record keeping VAT. Includes analysis of sales and inventory management. Under the management of sales are made: * sales documents (invoices, receipts, bills) in net and gross prices * correction * Invoice pricing. Cooperation with external devices such as printers * fiscal * Note barcode readers! Selecting download / download will be redirected to the manufacturer web page where you enter a zip code to be able to download a trial version.